About us

Valentina Mihailovna
General director

«During the work concern «Edinstvo»  hasdeserved reputation of the responsible builder. The serious relation toobligations has provided the companies high trust from outside clients. If theperson who already has earlier bought from us apartment, comes to us still,advises our company to the friends and relatives — means, he trusts us.»

Concern «Edinstvo» — the large developercompany of Rostov-on-Don having 20-year-old experience of successful work inthe market of working out, designing, complex building and operation ofmany-storeyed apartment houses, the business and trading real estate.

Dominating direction of development of the company isthe housing estate of the central areas of our city.

«Edinstvo» occupies one of leading places inthe real estate market on volume of building and habitation annually placed inoperation. For an operating time by concern it is erected and are at differentstages of building over 50 objects of the real estate — recognised, scale, bright. The most significant for the company and inhabitants of Rostov become an apartment house on Cathedral, skilfullycombining modern technologies with classical shape of old Rostov, the firstinhabited complex of a city — «the Cascade» which has become by anornament of street Pushkin, an apartment house «Teatral» — anembodiment of courageous design decisions and an inhabited complex of «Semigor» from which top floors fascinating view on the historicalcentre of Rostov open.

Concern «Edinstvo» also takes active part inthe city program of building of dormitory areas of Rostov, in which plansduring the current year is placed in operation about 15 000 sq. m oflarge-panel habitation in ЗЖМ andChkalovsk microdistrict.

The company actively masters a direction of commercialreal estate — the summer of 2007 had been finished building of first officebuilding of concern — the top-center «Belii slon», now «Edinstvo» works over business center "Riverside-Don" and shopping mall «MAGAMAG»(II stage). For building of objects of commercial realestate concern «Edinstvo» chooses the most perspective platformswhich are on crossing of large highways of a city, with the developedinfrastructure of area.

The successful arrangement, quality of building, original architectural decisions, modern engineering create certain style of life, convenience and considerable investment potential.