Managing Objects

If an operating company is involved in the project analysis when the concept is being developed, owners and developers are protected from many mistakes. During business planning a managing company can determine an estimated cost of the engineering infrastructure and its correspondence with positioning of the real estate unit; it can forecast and reduce the cost of upkeep of buildings.

Edinstvo concern is perhaps the first construction company in Rostov-on-Don which provides additional service of upkeep of the concern's buildings for its customers. "We understand how important it is to involve operation specialists from the very beginning of project development. It helps to take into consideration the operation peculiarities of a future building. For this purpose Elite-Service Company was established in 1999. It proves our responsibility to owners of apartments and offices after the building is commissioned. We create projects of new modern buildings, put them into life, no doubt, we know not only how to extend the service life of facilities in buildings, but also how to make the facilities work with maximum performance. It is very important for us that all the installed facilities stay in good order, ensure comfort in the house for many years and keep up good spirits of owners of apartments and houses",- says Valentina Mikhailovna Polevichenko, Edinstvo concern General Director.

Edinstvo concern provides services in managing both commercial and residential real estate. The concern offers a package approach for customers; it is possible to take all the advantages of buildings, constructed and managed by the same company.

Elite-Service Company was established initially as an operating entity, now it extended its activities and became a managing company. White Elephant top-centre at 234 Tekucheva str. is the first commercial building, managed by Elite-Service.

The company provides the most complete range of services on the upkeep of real estate objects, including maintenance of engineering systems, repair, overhaul and site improvement.

Managing company solves all issues of upkeep of residential, business and trade real estate, of payment and operation of utilities with publicfacilities providers. The company establishes a managing system from the point of view of owners/tenants and in their interests, and tries to reduce expenses for upkeep of buildings to minimum.

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